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Why us?

The management team of Ocean Pools has over 25 years combined experience in installing Fiberglass Pools in the Domestic market and Custom Award-Winning Gunite Pools in the International Market.

Ocean Pools offers Designer pool shapes and styles, inspired by the top design publications from around the world.  These moulds are exclusive to Ocean Pools, and are produced by us in our factory.  Our product distinguishes us from the rest of the market.  We pride ourselves on offering quality, high-design products, which remain budget friendly.


2013 is an exciting year for Ocean Pools as we opened Our Own Factory, producing and manufacturing Fiberglass Pools. This allows us to keep control over the quality of our product, ensuring that every pool that leaves our property is in perfect condition.

Ocean Pools has partnered with Top Suppliers within the Pool Industry, allowing us to offer The Best Warranties.

Our Product Specs:
Leading international manufacturers of fiberglass materials recommend the use of a matched isophthalic - NPG, high performance gel coat and resin system for maximum hydrolytic stability and strength.

Ocean Pools have a superior performing ISO-NPG gel coat incorporating light-stable, chemical resistant pigments with improved colour and gloss retention.

We use the highest quality, hydrolytically stable, low styrene emission resin available, which is also classed as a marine grade, Lloyds Approved resin, to provide a resilient skin.




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